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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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parts of the south cleaning up this morning from what was tropical storm lee and the massive mess of a storm is going to impact our area too. >> and northeast d.c. neighborhood on emafter a weekend shooting. what police are doing to help. fox 5 morning news continues right now. -- and a northeast d.c. neighborhood on alert after a weekend shooting. good morning. taking a live look outside right now on what is a muggy morning out there. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news.
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i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm allison seymour in for steve chenevey. >> tropical storm lee now a tropical depression. coastal regions in louisiana and alabama and mississippi seeing scattered flooding. president obama toured the damage left behind by hurricane irene. yes, he visited people in several towns and cities in new jersey promising the federal government will help fund the rebuilding effort. oh, my god. oh, i can't believe what i'm seeing. i can't believe what i'm seeing. oh, my god, i can't believe what i'm seeing. i think that is a tornado. oh, my god. >> scary moments in upstate new
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york sunday when this tornado hit the city of amsterdam. let's check in with tucker barnes now for the latest on our weather this morning. and it is definitely a little summery out there today. >> you got it. you got temperatures -- hi, allison. >> hi, tuck. >> nice to see you. >> let's get right to the radar. we'll show you the showers and thunderstorms approaching from the west. they are not -- well, they are kind of his hitt and miss here at the moment but you can see that the showers are more nemeira russ out to the west and will become more numerous during the course of the day today. we've got the remnants of lee moving up the eastern seaboard and that will combine with a cold front. because of this, we have a few showers out there at the moment but we'll see more and more later today. we have a flash flood watch in
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effect. here you go. your flash flood watch in effect at noon today through tomorrow evening. the thinking is 1 to 3 inches of rain. some of the creek and rivers already dealing with a lot of water from hurricane irene last week. we have the potential for more more flooding later today and tonight. you're right. it is muggy out there. winds out of the south at 12. lots of cloud, shower developing during the course of the day. might be raining for much of the afternoon for at least parts of the region. >> all right. what going to do a long bike ride but i guess i won't be doing that. that's okay. i'm spent the evening on the watch. it will be fantastic. >> that will be fun too. >> let's check in with lauren demarco now with the latest on traffic. >> nobody is going to blame you for that. sound good to me. we had a wreck northbound 9 # at route 100.
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that has cleared out of wait. we'll take a live look at 95 in maryland. a lot of volume today as we see the holiday traffic with everybody headed home. right now, all is quiet. no problems as you head out of laurel all the way into college park and the beltway in montgomery county. head over to traffic land, take a look at 207 as you make the trip southbound out of frederick. we did have reports of delays there. this is new york avenuen bound at ninth street. no real problems to report for you. 95 making the trip northbound across the occoquan up towards springfield. everybody running at speed. no problems on 395. your hov restriction are lifted everywhere except route 50 the john hand hon. reversible roadways are carrying two-way traffic. this morning, stepped-up
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police patrols in northeast in an effort to prevent an increase in crime. >> the latest incident happened over the weekend what i group of teenages are on bicycles shot at a motorist. stacy cohan is live at the first district police station with more now. good morning. >> reporter: here, we are on capitol hill and the officers here are the ones that will be dispatched to participate in these increased patrols. now, increased police presence is a result of that incident that happened on saturday night. let me tell you what happened. according to police, there were two teenager that were on bicycle and they were armed with a handgun. we are told they are pursuing a vehicle and firing the weapon at that vehicle. as far as we can tell, no one was struck. those teenagers suspected to be part of a group hanging out at the sherwood recreation center. police say they will maintain the presence. >> i think that is great. i think that can only help things. >> it can't hurt. i mean i don't know if there is
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a need for it but i wouldn't turn it down. >> reporter: we did hear at least one complaint from the community that perhaps the increased police presence is in response to the whitsurrounding eighth street corridor with new restaurants and bars and that tell thought police say t of now that that shooting on saturday night was the effect of a foiled robbery attempt and they are planning to continue this increased police presence for the foreseeable future. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> thank you. now for a check of this morning's other top stories. lice officer is recovering this morning after he was hit by a car over the weekend. according to wtop, police say the officer was responding for a report of possible drug activity early sunday when 21- year-old robert washington iii ran him over. wash was shot during the incident and taken to the
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hospital. he faces several charges including attempted capital murder of a police officer. the investigation continues this morning in into the murder of a 75-year-old man. the victim was found dead in his senior living apartment in woodbridge late thursday night. his wife found him on the living room floor with no signs of forced entry into the apartment. friday, prince william police officers and detectives handed out flyers talking to people at river run apartments trying to get any information that they could. police say they are following some leads and the cause of death has not been released. former vice president dick cheney has been making headline lately for his new book. coming up next, hear what to say when asked if he thought secretary of state hillary clinton would make a bed better bette -- would make a better president than president obama. we will be right back. 
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president obama will be in detroit on this labor day. he will speak at a rail any detroit attend by thousands of labor union members. vice president biden travels to cincinnati to speak at an event sponsored by the afl-cio. this comes ahead of president obama's thursday night addressee to ajoint session of congress where he plans to lay out his latest job creation plan. former vice president dick cheney is on the interview circuit plugging his new book o for example news sunday, cheney said he thinks secretary of state hillary clinton may have been an easier president to work with than president obama. >> perhaps she might have been easier for some of us who are critics of the president to work with but -- >> why do you say that? >> well, i have the sense that she is one of the more competent members of the
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current administration and it would be interesting to speculate about how she might perform were she to be president. >> cheney said he will support the gop nominee in the 2012 election and he think the party has good candidates to run against president obama. just a few days after hurricane irene tore across the east coast, what was tropical storm lee is now leaving behind some damage in the south. and it is threatening to bring heavy rain to our areas as well. we'll check in with tucker for our full forecast when fox 5 morning news continues. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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more than a week after hurricane irene made landfall in north carolina, rest tents of hatteras island can begin to return home. they can enter starring at noon. visitors won't be permitted back to the island for the next couple of weeks, however. officials say crews continue working to restore services and the infrastructure there.
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>> i met somebody this weekend and he says he has a summer place he goes to every year and the roadway has been washed way. where it is unbelievable that it was a week. >> time marches on, i'm telling you. now, we are waiting for lee. >> lee won't be the same threat irene was because we don't have a lot of wind with lee. but there is a lot of rain as a possible. we are thinking 1 to 3 inches of rain. >> we can handle that after irene and an earthquake. >> one more thing to discuss. and it is a holiday and everybody would like to be out. i think it will show down people's plans. we'll show you the shower activity. it is hit and miss at the moment but later this morning and this afternoon, this will have a tendency to fill in. we have a combination of what is left over with lee, tropical depression lee and i colden
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from out to the west. the cold front will qiend of squeeze that moisture right into a pretty good channel that will move through the mid- atlantic during the next couple of days. here is your hd radar south and east of annapolis. anotherling band there into southern maryland just south of la plata. dale dale city, you are getting some showers. -- the cold front will kind of squeeze that moisture right into a pretty good channel that will move through the mid- atlantic. with the frontal system slow to move through, that will give us plenty of time to squeeze out the moisture. we are concerned about the prl for flooding around here later today -- about the potential
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for flooding around here later today and tonight. 72 in leonardtown. 75 in annapolis. the high temperature 88 at reagan national. today, we'll struggle into the low 80s. starting tomorrow, high temperature only around 70 or so for tuesday and wednesday. so we'll get a little taste of fall here as we get into the overnight hours and tomorrow. there is the flash flood watch. it goes into effect at twelve noon. mostly cloudy, showers, thunderstorms, back in the forecast. 82 your daytime high with winds out of the forecast. 65 your overnight low. could be heavy at time. winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. the five-day forecast, okay, so lee is a very low mover. stick around tomorrow, showers, thunderstorms back in the forecast. wednesday, showers, thunderstorms back in the forecast. you get the idea here. i'm hoping to get it out of here by thursday and friday. to be honest with you, not a lot of confidence on the five- day forecast here but as we get into the enof the week being a little more sunshine with temperatures in the upper 70s. let's do some on-time traffic
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and see if anybody is on the roadways for our holidays. >> things are looking very good, very light volume if you are headed back from the beach. no problems on 50 out of easton heading across the bay bridge. in the frederick area, we do have reports of a wreck route 340 eastbound between burkettsville road and jefferson pike. let's take a live look at 270 to head south out of frederick. no problems into germantown or rockville. beltway looks good in montgomery county on the outer loop headed past new hampshire avenue. no complain as you head down to the american legion bridge. thing look good in virginia as well. 95 northbound heading up through lorton. your lanes running well. no problems 395. keep in mooned, the hov restriction are lifted everywhere except route 50 the john hanson highway. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. >> thank you. a head up if you are taking metro anywhere today. major track work is under way on the orange and blue lines. on the blue line, the franconia, springfield and van dorn street stations are closed. bus will take passengers to and from those station from the eisenhower avenue stop. everything should be back to normal for tomorrow morning's commute. up next, the celebration that made everyone feel like busting loose. do you have trouble sleeping. a new study as a one in four american worker suffer from insomnia. even though most bleary-eyed workers are showing up for work, they are not able to get as much done as their better rested coworkers. the study says all that lost productivity adds up to $63
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billion a year. the study was paid for by drug companies merck and aventis. >> where did we get that video from?
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on capitol hill, a joint god turned out for the labor day capital concert. >> and one of the performers, chuck brown. karen gray houston was there. >> reporter: chuck brown is the master of go-go, the undisputessed creator of music that is original to d.c. >> it is just the beat. it's just the beat. it's so great. it just gets your bones going.
6:25 am
tambourine, the cymbals, chuck with the guitar. >> this isn't the kind of music you would expect from the similarthony orchestra. >> it is basically a stretch and that is a good thing. >> reporter: great really for the throngs stretched out on the lawn in front of the capitol enjoying the cool breeze and others from the d.c. native born. the duke, for one, whose distinctive sound defines jazz. and marches by conductor- composer john philip sousa who wrote 136 of them. for friends and fans of chuck brown, this is special. >> they recognize he has music that reaches the inner city and the international city.
6:26 am
>> he is also go-go that my grandparents will listen to. >> chuck is a guy who make them dance from nine to 70, you know and what makes chuck so unique is chuck starred playing the guitar in prison. in fact, the guy made a guitar for him. >> look reich a fun time. >> they were really getting down out there. >> and chuck brown's friend says they have known each other for 40 years and that friends describe him as 75 going on 35. >> i'm he not surprised by that. coming up next, what is left of tropical storm lee is now making its way here to our area just over a week after we were hit by hurricane irene. this storm is threatening to drop more heavy rain after slamming the south. also head, a neighborhood on alert after a weekend shooting rs -- also ahead. what police are doing to ensure everyone feels safe. we are back after a moment. 
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thunderstorm lee now a tropical depression. it is still dumping torrential rains on coastal regions in louisiana, alabama and mississippi. there were even some reports of tornadoes. the slow storm system dumped as much as 14 inches of rain in the new orleans region. and it heads our way. just because it is a depression doesn't mean it can't drop a lot of heavy rain and it will around here. not 14 inches but we are looking at 1 to 3 in the next 24 hours. there are some indications that it won't be in a hurry to leave. >> that is the worst kind. i take it a depression is under nearing a tropical storm. >> i had a joke joke through but i'm not even going to try it. >> sound funny already. >> the set-up is funny already. >> a depression is after a
6:31 am
tropical storm has been downgraded. >> can you tell us the yoke later. >> yes, i k i want to make sure i'm invited back tomorrow. -- yes, i can. this is the combination of a coal frond and the remnants of lee. not raining area-wide at the moment. i don't think it will rain all day for our holiday for our labor day. but during the course of the day, we will see some showers and later this afternoon and tonight, the showers will become steadier and steadier and heavy at time across portions of the area. here is your flash flood watch and again includes the district, all the counties in close, most of the north central virginia and even out into north central maryland as well under a flash flood watch. again, one to three inches of rain expected between now and tomorrow evening. that is why we've flash floodwatch. 75degrees at reagan national.
6:32 am
71 at baltimore. your forecast for today, lots of clouds around. might be a peek or two of sunshine during the course of the day. yesterday, we were in the upper 80s so a little cooler today. a lot cereal tomorrow. highs tomorrow will only be about # -- a lot cooler tomorrow. highs tomorrow will only be in the 70s. coming up, we'll have ask the weather guys and tony will join me. >> love it. >> let's check in with lauren for a check on traffic. >> i agreat time to head back if you need to hit any of the major arteries. no problems on 50 through easton. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. you can see it is wide open for business. to the left of your screen, the headlights heading towards you. that westbound 50 heading into annapolis. no delay to speak of at this time. best bet is to hit the roads
6:33 am
before 10:00 a.m. according to bayspan. we do have reports of a wreck after georgia avenue. look like it is not causing too much of a delay. 95, no problems for you heading out of woodbridge up across the occoquan towards spring peeled. everybody running well. your hov restriction are lifted today on all of the area roads. in the district, reversible roads are carrying two-with a traffic. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. lee has weakened from a tropical storm to a tropical depression but the storm is still drenching people along the gulf coast. no deaths respect report reported but the storm has caused scattered wind damage in louisiana, alabama and mississippi. it even spawned some tornadoes. slow-moving storm system doneen ads much as 14 inches of rain in the new orleans region and
6:34 am
is now moving north and eastward. craig boswell is in the big easy with the latest there on the situation in the gulf coast. >> as lee lumber away, it is a battle against rising water and for some a chance to clean up after tornadoes spun out by the storm. several feet of water surrounded these homes, just one casualtyive of the sluggish rain maker. >> i want to reiterate and put an exclamation point on this, we are not out of the woods yet. this is a very stubborn, are persistent, slow-move being, unpredictable event. >> reporter: lee is also spawning isolate tornado across the gulf coast region. roofs are ripped off homes and trees are toppling in lillian, alabama. >> i heard the television say a tornado warning. about that time, we just heard an ungodly clap of lightning. just lit up the whole house. >> effect got real hairy for
6:35 am
about 10 minutes. >> it got louder and louter and louder. i woke my wife up and i said it's a tornado. and we just dove into the closet in the bedroom. >> reporter: areas of alabama, louisiana and mississippi near the coast reporting scattered wind damage and flooding. this beach along dawson island was empty this long holiday weekend. along the mississippi river, tourists want lee to speed up and drift away. >> this is our first time. we want to see the scenery. >> reporter: this is another crucial test of the pumping system. in new orleans, craig boswell, fox news. another top story we are following, a bigger liteast aft group of teenages are on bicyclists shot at a motorist. this happened saturday night in 5900 block of 10th street. stacy cohan has more. >> reporter: officers here say
6:36 am
they will be out on the streets. they will be patrolling and have a visible presence in the northeast neighborhood around where the shooting happened in an effort to discourage any other crime. let me tell you what happened saturday night. there were two teenager riding bicycle. there was apparently perhaps a robbery attempt that started this. in any event, the teenagers had at least one handgun when they were pursuing this motorist. they began firing that handgun at the vehicle. they are suspected to be part of a group that police say had been hanging out around the sherwood recollect rig center and law enforcement wants a stepped-up presence to discourage criminal activity. >> i think that is great. >> it can't hurt. i mean i don't know if there is a need for it but i wouldn't turn it down. >> reporter: if you are familiar with that section of northeast, some would say it's community in transition. there are great old established families, folk that have lifted
6:37 am
there for years and there is some development there. there are questions about whether or not this increased presence is a result of real criminal activity or an effort to apiece some of the new white merchants and patrons of bars and restaurants in that new corridor. the police presence is expected to con indefinitely. back to you. >> thank you. a manassas park police officer is in serious condition after he was struck by a car early sunday. the man accused of running him over, 21-year-old robert washington iism i is also in the hospital. he was shot during the incident but police will not confirm if he was hit by the wounded officer. washington's parents tell fox 5 their son is schizophrenic and bye polar and he faces several charges including attempted capital murder of a police officer. the investigation continues this morning into the murder of a 75-year-old man. the victim was found dead in his senior apartment in woodbridge late thursday night. his wife found him on their
6:38 am
living room floor with no signs of forced enery into that apartment. friday, prince william officers handed out flyers trying to get any information they could. police say they are following some leads. cause of the death has not been released. next sunday marks 10 years since 9-11. some of the smallest memorials are having the biggest impact. coming up next, we'll show you how a flag that once threw over ground zero in the days right after the attack is restoring hope at every stop it makes. we'll be back in a moment. ♪
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it's symbol of america's resilience after 9-11. >> i flag destroyed while flying over ground zero is
6:42 am
being restored thanks to a anythingwide effort. shepherd smith reports. >> reporter: it and over ground zero in the days after 9-11, a 30-foot long flag meant to be a symbol of hope but it fell apart of and that upset volunteers who were picking up the pieces of twin towers. >> it became an issue with some of the construction woashz after a couple of weeks because of the deterioration it was suffering by blowing in wind against some collapsed scaffolding. >> so construction manager charlie vicher system had a clean-up crew take it down. >> there were a lot of pieces missing. it was shredded pretty good. >> he put it away for seven years. tharly was going to have the flag -- charlie was going to have the flag honorably retired. instead, anticipated and his friend decided to let america bring it back to its former
6:43 am
glory. >> we are letting local service heroes and communities around the country stitch it back together. >> the journey started when charlie and jo greensburg, kansas in 2008 the after a devastating tornado. a group of women taking flag that survived that storm and using them to patch the ground ground zero flag back together like a good old fashioned quilting bee. >> there will be so many things we'll never be able to make whole again but this we can make whole. >> reporter: today, the star and stripes looking less like a quill and more like its are original self. one person at a time, one stitch at a time, americans hand sewing the flag in towns across the country including places touched by tragedy like hurricane gabrielle harbor in hawaii and fort hood in texas. >> when we're all done, we'll have somewhere between 20,000, maybe 30,000 stitches. >> veterans and other local
6:44 am
heroes getting first dibs with the needle and threat thrd but anyone can line up and take a turn. each stitch as individual as the people would make them. >> i apologized because now my tears are on the flag. >> katherine cross cried ashe made a stitch in honor of her son who was killed on duty overseas just a few months after 9-11. >> i realized the sacrifice of truly not only my sop but all of the others that we've lost in service to our country. >> every time you hear the star stangeled banners and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, it proved through the night that our flag was still there. it is still here. to me, it is getting more beautiful every day. >> dim a moving tribute. that was fox's shepherd smith reporting. once the flag is fullery restored, it will become a part of the permanent clegs collection at the 9-11 memorial museum now under construction at ground zero. -- part of the permanent
6:45 am
collection at the 9-11 memorial museum now under construction at ground zero. yesterday, steve and tucker played in the wounded warrior amputee celebrity softball game. check out this hit. the spotlight wasn't on steve though although that was a great hit. it was all about steve wegge, he is a double am due tea would did a back flip after catching steve's hit. i'm sure steve didn't mind. >> look at that. a good job there. >> tremendous athletes, everybody. and by the way, we need to also mention that tucker barnes had a home run. >> that is awesome. >> at nats park. >> yeah, i did. >> did you get any calls from -- >> davey johnson. i talked to him. he has no interest in my skills. >> he doesn't? >> plus, let me add that i ki around the bases. i was pretty tired by the end. >> you could have walked.
6:46 am
>> no, no, that is some good pictures. that is me and steve and darryl green. >> is that darryl green? >> he is a better football player than he is baseball player. he has a lot of speed. that is me and al bumbry. you remember him this? >> i could for the believe how excited i was. that was the highlight of my day right there. i was a big fan growing up. that is my home run. that is me after my home run. the ball guy you see there, that is mike wise, a "washington post" columnist. he mad a great catch. that is mary from housewives of d.c. all sorts of people there. a lot of fun. >> so maybe next year, we'll get our invite. >> they're just afraid we'll hit a home run. >> is that what it is? >> you should come play. >> there is no video of your home run.
6:47 am
>> no, i mentioned earlier that there were about 30 celebrities there and i batted 27th. >> so what? you don't run out of definitely digital footage. >> the stands were pretty much empty. >> we'll take your word for it. >> could see what they missed though. >> yeah, it was a lot of fun. a great organization and we had a small party with the guys after the game. it was great. >> that's what counts. >> less a get right to the weather and -- let's get right to the weather and then we have ask the weather guys. i probably have about a minute left. light showers. a pretty good band just to the east of annapolis and across the bay. that will slow traffic. another band here to the south an east of the city up towards chesapeake beach. this has been the theme all morning. we've seen the showers pop up and push to the north and dissipate. rest minister getting a few
6:48 am
more south and west of the city. a combination of a cold front. there you can see it, the remnants of tropical depression lee and they will team up on us. so we'll see more appear more rain fill in later today and we've got the potential for some flooding rain and here. we have a flash flood watch which goes into effect at twelve noon today and the potential, the thinking is 1 to 3 inches of rain. we pick up a lot of rain across much of the area with hurricane irene. it won't take a lot to start causing some more problems out there on the roadways with flooding and the potential for some stream flooding and that kind of thing later today. 70 in gaithersburg. 72 in leonardtown. yesterday's daytime highs, upper 80s. tomorrow, highs will only be about 70 are so. so much cool cooler air on the way. not going to rain all day but we will have periods of rain
6:49 am
all day. shower and storms continue. 65 your overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. the next couple of days, we're on the cool side. highs, only 73 with showers and thunderstorms continuing for much of the day. wednesday, thursday, friday, we're not sure how soon we'll get what is left over with lee out of here. i had to throw showers into thursday and friday but i'm hoping they'll be out of here by then. it is time for ask the weather guys. tony per kin and i put our famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from tony jones in leesburg, virginia. tony want to know, this is not our tony, a did i have respect tony. why is it that certain people in photo had red eyes and some
6:50 am
don't. there are only certain pictures and evening magazine -- there are only certain pictures and people that have the red eye. >> tony jones, is that the person's name? >> yes. >> this is a simple one to answer. when you tax a picture of somebody and then you look at the picture, the people would have red eye are possessed devi >> i thought so. >> that is it. no, no, that is a little absurd. that is the simple explanation. you should take them to the local church and have an exorcism performed. you know what it is? it is light reflexing back out of the inside of their eyes. this effect happens when the person's pupils are dilated so
6:51 am
much that a lot of the light from the flash enters the eye and hits the retina. that is what we see. >> why do some people get it and not others? >> some people's pupils are label to close up more quickly than others. you know -- >> the lighter your eyes, the better the chance you will have red eye. >> for example -- >> i have very light eyes -- >> when you take pictures you don't tend to have red eye? >> no. >> i have three girls. skyler always has the red eye. they're all dark brown. >> it is all about the people. >> all about the pupil. >> how much bounces off the retina. even if if your pupil closes up pretty quickly and i don't see how nip's eye would close up in
6:52 am
the instant of the flash. but even if you have light colored pupils, you often will have the reeye effect. >> what about dogs? >> they're possessed by devils. >> okay. going back to the original. >> it's working theory here. we don't have any actual evidence. >> but -- before dog lovers call me, i love dogs. >> it is interesting that some people's retinas could close -- >> it is not the rhett retina. >> and i wenty to practice ofy site and you noticed it happens less during daylight hours because people's eyes are adjusted for the daylight. >> i took a picture of my dog once and they are kind of in the dark because they are laying on the couch in the dark and they both have these crazy eyes. >> that is all we know, tony. thank you for writing in.
6:53 am
if you have a question that you want answered. this is duran duran. they keep coming back. >> new songs? >> they had a new album out earlier this year or last year. >> have they been on tour? their fan base is still -- we digress. their fan base is strong. >> you know what is coming next. >> yeah. >> dog lovers and duran duran lovers, don't write tony. >> can i thank four faceless fans that wished me a happy birthday. >> happy birthday to you. >> i have a question for tony the expert. so if you've got the one eye that is red and not the other one, that always happens to me so am i like half demon. >> half possessed by the devil.
6:54 am
>> but one half good. >> half good. >> one of those little guys sitting your shoulder. >> i want to talk about a wreck we do have in virginia. this is after dale city right there the weigh station there to the left of your screen but it is blocking the right leap -- the right lane as you head southbound. your restriction are lifted everywhere because of the holiday on the hov lanes except for route 50, the john hanson highway. we had report of a wreck on the outer loop. wide open there. no real problems for you. eastbound span of the bay bridge, there is some debris blocking the right lane. to the right of your screen, toll plaza, sandy point, no delay to speak of. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. next hour, holly is hitting
6:55 am
the road in style. >> we'll get behind the wheel of the car show. see why this family friendly event has been running strong for 12 years now. we'll check in with her after the break. new odor detect from air wick.
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a new air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors, to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect. something in the air wick.
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good morning i am holly morrison if you are looking for something fun to do, hit the streets for the on the streets event in historic clifton where we are live. if you love cars you will love this. muscle cars, classic cars, custom cruisers, motorcycles and more, all for a good cause in fact, they are raising money for life with cancer and therapeutic riding, ladies. >> hot cars, we will check with you later holly thank you. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day harold chapel and there are three generations of fox 5 and
6:59 am
red skins fans in his family that is the way it should be hopefully the red skins will give you something to cheer about this year. cha does it for the 6 -- that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. good morning again everybody there is a lot going on in the world of weather. >> tropical weather causing flooding in the gulf while a hurricane gains strength in the atlantic. president barack obama spent yesterday in new jersey getting an up close look at the damage left behind by hurricane irene. more on his vow to help the community. in the kiss trick police are ramping up patrols -- in the district police are ramping up patrols. fox 5 morning news contin


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